LAH Kitchen Multiple Cherry Pitter
  • SKU: LAH6CP1

LAH Kitchen Multiple Cherry Pitter

  • SOLVE YOUR CHERRY PROBLEM: Love the fruit, but hate removing those small pits? This is the perfect kitchen tool for using fresh cherries in pie and jam. How? By removing SIX cherry pits at once. Next time you see those tart little cherries in the fruit market, purchase a whole bushel! Use this professional cherry stone remover to make cherry desserts, preserves, jam, juice or enjoy the summer fruit fresh!
  • SLIDE… PLACE… PRESS: This multiple cherry pitter removes 6 cherry pits in one smooth motion. How? Slide the lock to open the lid. Place 6 cherries on the tray. Exert gentle pressure on the lid and press down. Open the red cover to reveal 6 beautiful pitted cherries. This cherry olive pitter can remove the pits from sweet and sour cherries, olives and any other small stone fruit.
  • NO MORE STAINED HANDS: The multifunction cherry pit extractor features a removable cherry collector tray and a pits and juice container, so there’s less work with less mess. You don’t even need to touch the pitted cherries – simply flip the pitted cherries off the tray and into your dish or pot. The cherry pits and juice fall down into the bottom container, so you countertops stay clean as well. All parts of the multiple cherry pitter tool disassemble for easy cleanup.
  • BUILT WITH YOU IN MIND: The concave design of the cherry olive pitter tool removes the pit more easily, without damaging the fragile flesh of fruit. So the cherries keep their shape perfectly. The multifunction fruit pit remover bottom is non-skid, so the machine doesn’t move when in use. The small cherry pitter snaps tightly when not in use and is easy to store.
  • #1 KITCHEN GADGET FOR CHERRY LOVERS: If you (or anyone in your household) is a cherry lover, then you need this multiple cherry pitter tool. It’s simple to use and made of quality stainless steel and BPA free plastic. It; especially useful for those with hand problems, like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. So don’t delay and order a professional cherry pit remover today! Because with LAH Kitchen, you know you’re getting quality.