Chef's Style Tabletop Gas Grill in Stainless Steel
Chef's Style Tabletop Gas Grill in Stainless Steel
Chef's Style Tabletop Gas Grill in Stainless Steel
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Chef's Style Tabletop Gas Grill in Stainless Steel

  • FAST AND EASY SETUP: The grill requires no assembly and can be set up and ready for grilling in under 10 minutes without the need for tools or matches.
  • TWO STAINLESS 20,000 BTUS BURNERS: A powerful two-burner system with electronic ignition and dedicated control knobs for each stainless-steel burner. Each stainless-steel burner provides 10,000 BTUs and allows for simultaneous grilling.
  • STAINLESS GRATE PERFECT FOR LARGE CUTS OF MEAT: Stainless grates provide top performance of a large grill in a portable one. Foods cook evenly with a two-burner system, making it ideal for cooking large cuts of meat.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The stainless steel grill weighs only 24 lbs. making it lightweight and small enough to fit in a compact car. The locking cover, folding legs and a comfortable carrying handle makes it easy to take anywhere. Two independently controlled burners allow you to set different heat zones for cooking all your barbeque foods and the built in thermometer monitors the grill temp for you
  • IDEAL HEAT CONTROL: An integrated thermometer and adjustable burner knobs help control the heat of the grill. A twist-start automatic ignition means that matches are never required. Works with a 20 lb. tank of propane (not included).
  • INCLUDED FEATURES: Grill utilizes drip tray to collect grease and drippings. 3.5-foot LP hose to connect the grill to the propane tank (propane not included).
  • GRILL TOTE COVER - Cuisinart VersaStand Grill Tote & Cover CGC-19 is customized to fit Cuisinart grill models CGG-306, CGG-180, and CEG-980 (not included)
  • WARRANTY: 3-year limited warranty