LAH Kitchen Single Cherry Pitter
LAH Kitchen Single Cherry Pitter

LAH Kitchen Single Cherry Pitter

  • YOUR FAVORITE FRUIT, JUST A CLICK AWAY! Cherry pies, cherry jams, cherry turnovers, or cherries as nature made them… With this multifunctional Cherry Pitter Tool you get to enjoy cherries, without worrying about those pits. All it takes is one CLICK – and out pops the pit!
  • PUSH, PUT, PRESS, PULL! A cherry or olive pitter tool that is so simple to use, your kids can do it too! PUSH the tab to unlock. PUT the cherry into the cup. PRESS down to remove the pit… and enjoy a perfect cherry! Don’t forget to PULL the tab to lock and store! Cherry pitter remover is dishwasher safe.
  • BRING THEM ON CHERRIES - WITHOUT THE MESS! Use the cherry stoner to remove your pits, and forget about cherry juice splattering everywhere, thanks to the handy-dandy splash guard. The cherry pit remover works with cherries of all sizes, and removes stones from dates, grapes, and olives too.
  • SOLID…. DURABLE… FUNCTIONAL… Made with stainless steel construction, the cherry stone remover features a long pit rod that removes even the toughest pits! The scoop-shaped cherry holder is designed to keep cherries whole, so you can use ‘em for decorating cakes and cookies. Now, who wants a cherry tart???
  • THE KITCHEN GADGET YOU KNOW YOU NEED – Everyone needs a cherry pitter in their life – especially when it features a space-saving design like this one! ‘Add-to-cart’ today and indulge in the pleasure of tart cherry pearls without juice stained fingers! Try this Cherry Pitter Tool by LAH Kitchen – where quality and practicality meet.