LAH Kitchen Magnetic Measuring Spoons
LAH Kitchen Magnetic Measuring Spoons
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LAH Kitchen Magnetic Measuring Spoons

  • 2 MEASURING SPOONS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE – This magnetic measure spoons set includes 7 double sided spoons with a leveler. Each stainless steel measuring spoon is dual-sided, with an oval spoon for dry ingredients and a round spoon for liquids. A BONUS leveler is included, so you’ll get proper measurements every time.
  • THE ONLY MEASURING SPOONS YOU’LL EVER NEED – This stackable teaspoons set includes all the sizes you want when cooking or baking: 1/8 teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ Tablespoon and 1 Tablespoon. Each stainless steel measuring spoon features a colored silicon center to make it easy to find the measurement you need.
  • FOOD GRADE PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL MEASURE SPOONS – Durable teaspoons and tablespoons are made of strong stainless steel (18/0) that won’t rust or bend. The oval end is narrow enough to fit into spice jars for less mess when measuring. Use this magnetic nesting measuring spoons set with hot or cold liquids.
  • EASY TO HOLD TOGETHER; EASY TO PULL APART -  Dual sided measuring spoons are magnetic and form a pile one atop the other. They stay together for neat storage but are easy to pull apart to use. Stack them in your drawer or hang them on your knife bar, so you always have a measuring spoon handy. (They’re magnetic – they’ll stick)
  • LOOKS GOOD EVEN AFTER MULTIPLE YEARS OF USE: That’s the feedback that we’ve been getting on our magnetic measuring spoons set. Customers are so satisfied, they order multiple sets as wedding gifts and for vacation homes. But don’t take our word for it, click ‘add-to’cart’ now and try it for yourself! Because with LAH Kitchen, you know you’re getting quality.